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Sex Play 2

When Bad Boy Donnie Russo first came in touch with Close-Up, Steve Johnson knew that here was a MAN who would soon become a legend in his own time. During the years that Close-Up put Donnie in front of the camera he never failed to deliver a stellar performance that always satisfied his many fans. Models used to call us and ask if they could work with this hot hunky person. We obliged and found that his fans kept asking for more. We decided to make a tape that gives you some of the hotter times he appeared before our camera, but also we wanted Donnie to give you a first hand account of what he was thinking when these particular scenes were taking place, this he does as he talks on camera with Jack Simmons. The first full video he did for Close-Up was called "Roughed Up In Boston". Shot in Boston Donnie had a chance to show off his talent for making sure that his bottoms gave him all the attention he desired. This video is a classic as it shows what was soon to come when Mr. Russo was put in front of the camera by not only Close-Up but many other companies who began to hear of this incredible talent. His mouth is a non stop flow of hot sexually aggressive talk, directing his partner in what he wants or does not want done to him. Gentlemen of Close-Up, we bring you Mr. Donnie Russo who has teamed up with that big dick wonder Jack Simmons. Listen to them talk about Donnie's career with Close-Up and then watch as Donnie gets royally fucked by Jack Simmons. Loads of cum, lots of dick and hot man to man action. Don’t miss this one!



FULL CAST LIST: Dallas Taylor, Danny Sommers, Donnie Russo, Hank Hightower, Jack Simmons, Joe Romero, Kevin Cox, Michael Allen, Ren Adams, Rob Cryston, Spike
STUDIO: Close-Up Men
DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson
Dildo Fucking
Three Way