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Captive Men 3

A strong video with men dishing out strong punishment to men who like to be controlled. Three uncut dicks, Three boner hard pricks shooting cum, and three hard and beautiful bodies. Here we go again bringing you by popular demand three sculptured bodies getting down and dirty in the Close-Up steamy sensation CAPTIVE MEN III. It is out intention to bring you real intense S/M-bondage action with men who get off on dishing punishment out to men who like to be controlled. GRANT KING blond, blue-eyed master leads his two horny slaves into a realm of masterful abusive submission. Cuffed at ankles and wrist BOBBY VEGA (Chris Stone) slave #1 is made to submit to his masters wishes. It isn't long before MASTER KING"S hard uncut dick is whipped from his jock and it stays out and hard throughout the entire video. "Kiss me you fuck with your pussy slave month!" "Suck my cock you slave piece of shit!!" "You mind me boy, when I say touch my dick you can touch it, until then keep your filthy hands off me!" KING"S month is his method of control and he does it like the pro. VEGA is in top form-- body sculptured by a master carver and a big boner with a huge knob on it's head, BOBBY bows and scrapes to please his master. SERGE CARAVAGGIO slave #2 cums several time the action pleases him so. SERGE is the perfect submissive slave."Thank you for finger fucking me!!" He knows how to please with the proper response. When MASTER KING bends both boys over the bar and plays with their glorious asses, you'll grab your dong and beat it in time to the music they make. VEGA and CARAVAGGIO have two of the best bubble butts and each shaped the perfection--THEY"LL DRIVE YOU WILD!!!! If you're in to uncut dick this is the place to see it. Three boner dongs with plenty of foreskin shots. Did we say three- YES-three hard uncut cocks shooting their love juice to the camera lens. There's flogging, tit sucking, finger fucking, ass slapping and whipping, cock sucking and much more as MASTER KING puts BOBBY and SERGE into bondage. SERGE is surprised at KING'S relentless punishment when he innocently asks for a drink of water. While CARAVAGGIO suffer the consequences of his request we do a voyeur trip on KING and VEGA doing a sex trip of their own-- here we see the true beauty BOBBY VEGA'S massive prick!!!! THIS IS THE HOT SCORCHING S/M ACTION WE PROMISE YOU --CONTROL AND SUBMISSION AT ITS BEST WITH BEAUTIFUL HUNKS WHO GIVE AND TAKE!!!



FULL CAST LIST: Bobby Vega, Grant King
STUDIO: Close-Up Men
DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson